Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First run in new shoes

This mornings run was like floating on air. My legs felt so pampered in these new shoes. I am happy to be making headway on my goal.

I have been doing the Daily 16 for my strength exercises and like them but I need to find a way to ramp it up. They are too easy. I guess I could just do more of them. Tomorrow I will do more and see if that does it. I am interested in the Body For Life way of doing weights but I remember it taking a long time and needing lots of equipment, neither of which I have very much of. I need to go to the library and check out the book again. I used to own it but loaned it out and have not seen it again.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Shoes!!!!

New Shoes!!! New Shoes!!!

I am so excited to go on a run!!!
Now I have shoes that should address some of the problems I have been having so hopefully my mileage can get better and better.

I am at mile 31 on my goal and am getting more confident with each mile. When I have been able to wear 'rested' shoes, my knees have not had problems. These new shoes will be reserved just for running so they will always be fresh. Yes!

My vision is to be able to 'run and not be weary' for miles and miles. I don't care how fast I go. For some reason I just feel good when I run.

Happy me will write in again after a test run in the new shoes.