Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interval Training

I have been interested in doing interval training like in the book Body For Life. I do not lead a life that has hours of time built in for exercise. The reason I exercise is for the health benefits, to push myself, and because I just plain like to see what I am capable of.

Today I only went a mile but I pushed myself in that mile. (I am at 10 miles on my 100 mile goal). I warmed up for 5 minutes and then jogged to the count of 60 and then walked to the count of 60, repeating until the mile was done. It was not hard to do this and my knees feel great.

I can't find my Body For Life book and I can't remember if I am supposed to do cardio every day or not. I will do some research. I like the interval training because you push yourself for the 20 minutes that you exercise. You don't have to keep adding miles or time when you plateau. You are constantly doing better within the 20 minutes that you have.

I am going to get my extra miles for my goal by taking walks with the kids and doing the Daily 16.

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