Friday, June 19, 2009

daily 16

It has taken me a while but I have made it to 90 miles. I have put exercise into our school schedule every day so the past 3 days have seen me out on the road. Today Sister(our Bernese Mountain Dog) pulled my 2 year old for the first mile and then jogged with me the second mile. Yes, that's right, I jogged a mile and a half today with no knee pain. I warmed up before we went, and stretched when I got home. I also wore my good Saucany(sp?) shoes. I think all of those things are making a difference. I am also following an exercise program from the military called the Daily 16. I figure that they are in pretty good shape so I couldn't go wrong doing what they do. I understand that with the conditioning exercises they also run 3 miles. I am working up to it. I am doing 10 of each conditioning exercise on a different exercise card each day. I will add 5 to it each week until I think that I am doing enough or until something changes. I am all about change! Here is a link to the site

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