Thursday, February 18, 2010

I love to Run!

Fun! Fun! Fun! I love to Run!
This last month or so has been awesome with the treadmill. I have used it almost every day and have improved in my stamina and speed. I am able to run further and faster and it feels so good! I have had no knee problems and am loving it. I do trade running shoes every day so I always have a fresh 'rested' pair. I do have to say that though I am running daily, I am not running far. My purpose is not to be a distance runner but to just have fun running and staying fit. Right now I am only going around 2.5 miles including the walking.

I have been supplementing my cardio with the Daily 16 exercises from the Military. Today I found the new and improved site for the Military and began doing those exercises.

I am also going to do my running a little bit different. Instead of warming up with a walk for 15 minutes and then getting my running in, I am going to do it circuit training style. I will warm up for 5 minutes then alternate between sprinting and walking. I am not sure about the duration yet, and I still need to figure out how long the sprinting and walking sections will be. I think I will just try it out tomorrow and see what happens. I am hoping for increased fitness in less time with this approach.

The thing I like about the Military's functional fitness is that it prepares the body for whatever situation it will be in. It is not necessary to be a marathon runner but to be able to perform well in the daily tasks that we ask of our bodies. I want to be able to hike all over the mountains this summer, swim with my boys in the lakes, garden with out aches and pains, revamp my yard, and all kinds of things that I am going to need physical strength for and I think that the programs I have myself on will prepare me for that.

It feels so good to be proactive about my health, and to have an idea of what will benefit me and my family the most and go for it!

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